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She's Got Moves

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She's Got Moves is a story about a woman who offers to help her boyfriend practice some wrestling moves on her so that he can get ready for the big wrestling meet. Well, instead of having a bit of wrestling sexy time, he's in full a couple of doses of pain and humiliation, when it turns out that his girlfriend has got some sweet wrestling moves. She decides she'd be even better if she got bigger and stronger. So she starts working out and pumping iron. And since this is a Mighty Female Muscle Comix story, it isn't long before she becomes bigger and stronger than her boyfriend and she is challenging the entire wrestle team to a match. This is a really fun 20 page comic that features a lot of male vs female wrestling action, feats of strength, and a dash of female muscle growth as the main character goes from being a petite woman to a massively muscular powerhouse. If you liked Big Shots 3 or Wrestle Girl then you're going to enjoy this comic as well.