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Shock N' Awe

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Witness the ultimate Battle of the Sexes, as the World Heavy Weight boxing champion takes on a female challenger. But, don't think this match is a push over for the male champ. He's facing a real Knockout! She's taller and stronger than him, and just might go from champ to chump if he can't keep himself from falling face down on the mat. This is truly an epic comic. It contains over 50 pages of beautifully rendered 3d art. It has plenty of boxing action, along with some fem-dom elements, muscle worship, size comparisons between male and female, and other scintillating scenes. This comic is both funny and sexy, as the text provided by Philip Lawson really brings the images to life. All in all, and without a doubt this is one of the best 3d comics I've ever produced. I know you all will enjoy it.