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Skinny Dipping

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This issue is all about two things fun in the sun... Wait... Sorry, this issue is all about female muscle growth and the men the ladies have to drain to attain the mammoth sizes and proportions that they desire! Lots of FMG in this issue, in fact I have two whole comics in this one. The main comic is Skinny Dipping about a group of girls who throw a pool party with the nefarious intent of draining all the muscle studs on campuses muscles with their special "lotion". Beautiful artwork drawn by the talented Dracowhip and so many drain and growth sequences your head will swim(pun intended!). The second comic is Suns Out Guns Out. It's short 3d comic by me(SteeleBlazer) and I think it's really fun. It has a great drain sequence and a really nice FMG sequence to boot. Plus its fun. It's about a girl who drains a guy with a ray gun... Nuff said! All in all 25 pages of femuscle excitement. I know you all will enjoy this comic!