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Steel Kittens

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Steel Kittens was one of the very first 3d comics I ever made. It took me a long, long time to make this comic, but it was a lot of fun doing so. What I enjoyed the most was just creating the the unique atmosphere of the female muscle nightclub. Showing all the guys waiting in line, the bouncers, bouncing, the bartenders flirting, and the dancers dancing. My favorite bit is when a cocktail waitress educates a man who slaps her on the butt, well lets just say she slaps harder. The comic ends with an all out brawl as a gang of no good hoodlums attempt to rob the club at closing time, and it really is an epic slug fest. You got punches, kicks, throws, hip tosses, bear hugs, and one arm lifts and chokes. So if you like male vs female action, this comic is for you. And at 67 pages this is a whole lot of entertainment jam packed into this comic for you all. If you liked my 3d comics like Toughest of the Tough or Bedroom Wrasslin then you will enjoy this comic.