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Strong Medicine

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A female scientist invents a way to siphon a man's muscles and condense all his power and strength into one small, but very powerful pill. The pill transforms a small ordinary woman into a sexy muscular powerhouse. Its very, very "Strong Medicine" and she hopes to prescribe it to women everywhere. So she sends out her two sexy assistants to go gather the raw material so she can make more FMG pills. And by gather the raw material, I mean they go out and drain men of their size and strength. The men that they drain better get use to the idea of being smaller and weaker than women and take their medicine without complaint, because pretty soon women everywhere are going to be taking their "Strong Medicine".
This is a 20 page female muscle growth/male muscle drain story. With lots of feats of strength, fmg and clothes rippage, and some muscle worship and fem dom elements. If you liked the concept of FMG Candy you're going to love this story, I really liked the idea of it, and I had to have Draco draw the comic. Also, if you're a fan of Dracowhip's art then you're really going to enjoy this. He drew the recent Alpha to Beta, but also similar themed to this are Skinny Dipping, Right to Bare Arms, and Super Muscular Models. I know you all are going to enjoy this comic. Lots of fun and FMG!!!