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Succubus was one of the very first comics I've ever made, and I believe it was my very first drain comic I've ever made. And as you all know Mighty Female Muscle Comix has some of the very best male muscle drain and female muscle growth tales on the web. This comic while the 3d artwork can be raw and crude at times, I think still stands up really well today, and it will always hold a special place in MFMC comic library. This is a 48 page comic and its about a Succubus who goes to the gym to prey on a male bodybuilder. She never before fed on someone so big and muscular, and each time she fedds her hunger she grows. And each time the man gives into his carnal pleasure and feeds his desire he shrinks. This dance goes on for the whole night as their passion consumes them and ultimately the mans mighty physique dwindles away to a mere husk of his former self. If you're a fan of FMG and drain comics then I know you're going to really enjoy this comic, and because of the length of this comic, there is a lot of focus on the various stages of their transformations. Its not a quick change for either, its something that happens inch by inch and pound by pound. All in all just a really crackling good read, and I know you all will enjoy it.