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Super Muscular Models

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Murray is a famous photographer but he grows bored of the same old fashion shoots day in and day out. It's either skinny frail models or big hunky male beefcakes and by chance he wonders what would happen if he combined the two and created the Female Beefcake genre. So he pulls out all the stops and buys all the female muscle growth pills, bars, lotions, and even buys a fancy dandy drain o' matic extension for his camera to transfer male muscle mass to his female models. This issue is bursting at the seams with FMG. It also has lots of feats of strength with one really amazing car crushing sequence and plenty of lift and carry sequences. It has two bits with drain for all your drain lovers out there. If you liked Draco's Skinny Dipping or The Right to Bare Arms, then you're going to love this issue. The comic is 20 pages of sleeve bursting, bikini popping, clothes ripping femuscle excitement!