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Tales From The Muscle Zone

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Prepare to enter a world of female domination, where women grow big strong muscles, and where men's bodies wither and shrink. This is a world where men are not the stronger sex,but rather the weaker. A world where women's sexy muscles are worshiped and admired, that is the Muscle Zone, and these are it's tales. Hosted by Abdomina the Mistress of Might, she will recount tales of a wife beater, a strange alien symbiote, a trophy wife, and more in this fun and exciting first issue of Tales From The Muscle Zone. There are 5 short stories featuring female muscle growth, male muscle drain, fem dom, feats of strength, and muscle worship. This is a 26 page comic drawn by the talented FirstSecond, he drew the Gym Love and Ms. FemmaXX comics. I know you all are really going to love this comic and we hope this is just the beginning of a fun new series for you all.