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That Shrinking Feeling

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Joe and Cindy are a couple that decided it was a better investment to purchase a used weight set, instead of joining a gym. But, this isn't any ordinary weight set, this one is cursed, and it transfers all the people who use it muscles and gains into its true owner... Unfortunately for Joe, he forgot his wallet and Cindy bought it. And within just a matter weeks Joe is getting a shrinking feeling that perhaps he has made a mistake... And he's not wrong because week after week he grows smaller and weaker while Cindy grows bigger and more muscular. Things are looking bleak for him indeed. This is a 35 page comic that features beautiful black and white graphite art by the amazing Dracowhip. Text is by the talented Philip Lawson and I (SteeleBlazer) wrote this story. It's an FMG/Male Drain tale told in the vein of the vein of an old time horror story. There are multiple female muscle growth sequences and drain sequences in this story.