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The Arms Race

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The Arms Race is a classic Mighty Female Muscle Comix tale, its a trope that has since been revisited many, many times over, but this was one of the very first comics I've ever commissioned art for. In fact it might have been thee very first. The art was done by the talented Zanfadar and you all should know him from the amazing work he did on Lady of the Jungle, Not so Super... Man, and The Strongest Yard. Without a doubt I've always enjoyed working with Zanfadar and I hope to work with him again very soon. Compared to the above mentioned comics The Arms Race is a very raw comic, but its still a whole lot of fun. The story is about three young girls who decide to rule the school and take up weightlifting in order to do so. As their bodies grow more and more muscular more of the other girls at the school join in with them. As the female student body grows bigger and stronger, the boys soon find they are becoming the weaker sex, and so they challenge the girls for the right to rule the weight room. That turns out to be a big mistake. This is a 20 page female muscle growth comic and I think you all will find the fmg theme of the girls getting bigger and stronger to be quite fun. If you liked No More Little Miss Nerdy Girl, or Big Girls on Campus, or Powder Puffs then you're going to enjoy this one.