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The Arms Race AOS Remake

$ 7.50
This is a remake of the first comic I ever commissioned. This comic is bigger and better than the original, as it has three more pages than the original, and the girls in this comic are drawn even bigger and more muscular as well! This comic is illustrated by the talented and legendary female muscle artist AOS. This is his second complete comic for Mighty Female Muscle Comix as he also drew the amazing Muscle Lust. The Arms Race is about a group of young college women who decide to take up weight lifting and bodybuidling. As their bodies grow bigger and stronger more and more girls join them in the gym, and it isn't long before they start muscling in on the guys in the gym. Only in this case, out-muscling the guys in the gym would be more apt, and as the girls biceps keep growing the guys start to fear that they might be losing an "Arms Race" to the girls. So both the guys and girls decide to have lift off strength competition to decide who gets to keep the gym and once and for all decide the true winners of the "Arms Race". This is a 23 page comic that also includes 6 bonus art images. It contains plenty of female muscle growth, clothes rippage, feats of strength, and a big brawl of male vs female at the end. Just a really exciting issue that captures the classic Mighty Female Muscle Comix excitement. I know you all are going to love this issue.