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The Creature Who Got a Black Eye at the Lagoon!

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This is a fun project, but it was a nightmare to make. The scene was too extensive for my pc at the time and this took me ages to load/render/pose... But, I really had so much fun making it. It's not my best comic and it does have a lot of flaws and errors, but that won't stop anyone from enjoying this issue. It has a good story and a nice sense of humor, and a lots of femuscle fighting action, and some nice lift and carry, male vs female size comparisons, and some muscle worship. The comic is about two young lovers who go to an eerie lake for some romance. All the girl wants is a kiss from her boyfriend, but a creature interrupts them. But, it quickly learns that not even a monster should ever come between a girl and her boyfriend. Just lots of fun and at 36 pages its a good sized read as well. I know you all will enjoy this one.