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The Invincible Challenge

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What do you get when you mix together a game show with incredibly strong and muscular women and have them competing against a group prisoners... You get the Invincible Challenge. It's a bit like the American Gladiators, only much, much, much more violent and bloody. The convicted felons compete against a trio of women in a bid to win both their freedom and a suit case filled with cash. The events are various contests of strength. From lifting a barbell, a punching contest, bending steel, to playing tug of war with a car. Win and they will be rewarded, but if they shall fail, then they are met with a very brutal demise. Lot's of feats of strength in this comic. But, I do want to caution people, this comic can be a little extreme at times. The full comic is 55 pages and it features a trio of extremely thick and powerful women. If you're up for it, it's a good quality read.