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The Strongest Yard

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They say "You hit like a girl" is an insult, but whoever "they" are, they clearly haven't met the girls in this comic. This is a super strong and super fun issue, jam packed with femuscle action as a group of sexy and muscled up cheerleaders challenge their own football team. The stakes couldn't be any higher as most of the school turns out to witness the game, and the jocks could tell right away that this isn't going to be an easy game. As fans of my comics  know, I love cheerleaders playing football, and this is a recurring theme, this is without a doubt the most football action ever in any of my comics. It's a 20 page fully colored comic and I also included a cool bonus. Inside are 5 amazing 3d female muscle growth sequences. Some of the very best renders I've ever done. All in all a great issue, I know you all will love this release. Enjoy!