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Too Big For Her Own Good

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Kat and Roxi are just two average ordinary women, who both decide to start lifting weights to get into shape and change their lives. Their inspiration is none other than champion female bodybuilder Bella Swella, who happens to be the biggest and strongest woman alive. Bigger and stronger than most men and some male bodybuilders too! Through months of hard work and dieting they are finally ready to enter their first contest and as fate would have it Bella Swella is competing in it as well. Turns out Bella is more than just a little bit of a diva, as little should never be used anywhere near Bella or describe her. Also as it turns out, Bella's gains may not be all natural. The girls find a bottle of Fem-Splode FMG pills that fall out of Bella's bag and they decide that it's only fair that they should take some pills too. But, even with the aid of the pills will they grow large enough to win and put her in her place, or is Bella just Too Big For Her Own Good! This is a 20 pages of both comic and pinup art. And there are 7 pages of female muscle growth in this exciting comic, and Bella really truly grows huge at the end of it. Has some nice scenes of muscle worship, fem dom, and some feats of strength. All in all this is a really fun comic and if you enjoyed Queen of the Beach you will enjoy this one.