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Totally Super Spies #1

$ 7.50
Brace yourself for the action packed debut issue of Totally Super Spies. This series is about three kick butt sexy secret agents who not only take down the toughest and most sinister bad guys and criminals in the world, but they also look damn good doing it. The girls don't just use kung fu or their good looks, thanks to their agency's science department they have small FMG pills that they take and hulk out and show the bad guys that sometimes a knockout, can be a real knockout. There are 4 FMG sequences in the comic, and even a really fun GTS bit where one of the girls grows taller to take on a giant robot. Lots of action in this as the girls engage in hand to hand combat with men and robots, and this comic features a lot of feats of strength. From crushing and breaking guns with their bare hands, to turning robots to rubble, and lastly I think this is a funny series too. It has a nice sense of humor and I know you all are going to like this one.