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Totally Super Spies #3

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The Super Spies are back and bigger than ever... No, like literally the effects of the growth ray and fmg  serum still haven't worn off yet, and they're going to need all the size and strength they got to tackle the baddies in this issue. If fighting a mad evil scientist and her army of mechanically augmented wild animals and cyborg henchmen wasn't bad enough, things get even worse when the evil scientist steals one of their FMG belts. Just another thrilling mission for the Super Spies and this issue is jam packed with action, feats of strength, and of course female muscle growth, along with a nice splash of giantess fun. The comic is 20 pages total, drawn by the amazing Dracowhip. If you like this issue don't forget to check out the other two issues, and also the Alpha to Beta series, or even perhaps the Rose of the West series as well. This is a very fun comic and I know you all will enjoy it.