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What A Drain Volume 3

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This is the third volume of Mighty Female Muscle Comix's What A Drain series, and this installment is even bigger than the last one. This issue is 44 pages and has six different segments. Which means six different female muscle growth and six different male muscle drain segments. That's a whole lot of growing and draining in one issue. There is both 2d and 3d art in this comic and of course no What A Drain comic can be complete without a segment by the talented Musclexx. Lots of clothes rippage and biceps bursting through sleeves in this issue, and the method of drain is varied from drain ray-guns, perfumes, massage oil, and more! If you enjoyed the first two What A Drain comics then you're really going to enjoy this issue. This series just keeps getting better and better, as the ladies just keep getting bigger and bigger, while the men get smaller and smaller.