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Hello everybody.

Once again I just want to thank you all for your patronage and support. Without it, this site would not exist. I got a lot of special projects planned for the future, sadly it just takes time and also money to make the wonderful comics that populate this store.

I will always strive to provide affordable and competitive prices for all my comics, I'm a fan of this genre like you all, and believe it or not I too buy from the other sites in this field. But, I won't mention those sites here, not that they are voldermort or anything.

I will try to price my older comics a little lower than my newer releases, and I'm still trying to find the best ranges to sell to you all as well. Lil red is a bit more expensive because it's a color comic. As I stated I am still experimenting with the pricing, but so far I believe that all my prices have been fair. And I know I've provided you all with great quality and entertainment.

And lastly please remember not only does your purchases go towards growing this site. But, it helps out all the fantastic and terrific artists that work with me to make these comics. And let me tell you, that support means to the world to them.

So please don't stop, and as always stay tuned, because more femuscle goodness is on it's way!

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