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New Year, New Goals, New Growth

Its a new year, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to put up a new blog post.

Before I get started with my ramblings I just want to thank everyone for their support. Without I wouldn't be able to produce the comics you all enjoy. And as a reminder if you like a series and want to see a sequel, the best way to ensure that is to purchase a copy. Each sale really means a lot, not just to me but to the talented artists who drew them.

My goal for this year is simple, release quality comics and to release more comics than last year. As you know there is a new series I started called No Man's Angel. It's a fun series and I hope to have it go on and on for a long time. I also will bring Dragon Queen back for a limited run. Sadly I don't think Not So Lil' Red will be coming back this year. But, hopefully if a strong enough demand arises we can eventually bring her back. I also just commissioned the main comic for the What A Drain Volume 2 comic. I hope to do 2-3 What A Drains each year. Also I hope to do an FMG anthology comic at least once a year as well if not more. And of course Ms. Liberty will be released I promise you.

So as you can see a lot will be happening here, so stayed tuned. And as always thanks for your support. Together we can grow bigger and stronger... Just like the ladies from my comics!

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